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Common Sewing Mistakes to Avoid

items for use in sewing

If you are new to sewing, you must have been attracted to it by some guys you saw have made it in a massive way or just a hobby you want to improve on. You will need to invest in some tools and machines to make your work easier and better. One of the things you may consider investing in, especially as you become more advanced in sewing, is a self-threading serger machine. This helps to finish the edges of the garment when you are sewing and create more study stitches. The automatic machine help to save time and work faster. Also, as you also go about your sewing business, you need to look out for some common mistakes that can mess with your craft. Below are some of the mistakes to avoid.

Gaping Buttons

When sewing clothes like shirts with buttons, you will soon realize that buttons and buttonholes are very tricky to get right. You must not strictly follow the provided patterns for putting buttons, but you need to recognize that there exist no one-size-fits-all measurements when doing it. Instead, consider each case separately and measure yourself or whoever the clothing is meant for and fix the button according to the wearer’s unique frame. One crucial tip to ensure you do an excellent job is to measure the widest point of the bust and have a button to prevent gaping. You can then place the other buttons when using that one as the reference point.

Cutting Patterns Inaccurately

cutting fabric wronglyAs you cut your fabric patterns, you must ensure it aligns appropriately with the fabric grain lines. It would help ensure you spread your garment on a flat surface as you cut, for example, on a clean floor. In case you are cutting the fabric spread on a table, ensure that no parts are hanging over the edges, to avoid the clothe being pulled out of shape.

Also, always see that the pattern pieces you want to cut are aligned with the grain lines before you start cutting. Most beginners make cutting mistakes, and they can result in fabric wastage, among other issues.

Choosing Unsuitable Fabric

It is common for people to get carried away by aesthetics and choose the wrong fabric for their job. It would help to keep in mind that each pattern has the recommended fabric. The material was carefully selected to perfectly fit the structure of the item when it is completed.…